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Leslie Ruggles Kjellstrand

I'm an Ohio girl who has long since been planted in Texas.  Back when I was in high school in Cuyahoga Falls, I loved art.  When I went to Ohio State University,  I majored in journalism and have been in that field most of my professional life.  I dabbled in watercolor when my three daughters were preschoolers, but raising kids and life in general diverted my attention. Just recently I picked up a paintbrush again and fell in love with watercolor.  For the past three years I have been painting almost daily.  I love drawing and painting birds the best, but also a range of other subjects including cats, flowers, landscapes, and architecture.  When I have a good idea for a painting, I can hardly wait to get started.  I learn by watching experts on DVDs, YouTube, and Craftsy classes.  I also love my painting groups where I get the most support and inspiration.  I continue to use my journalism skills as the newsletter editor for both the Waterloo Watercolor Group and Texas Watercolor Society.

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