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Canyon Reflections


All Things Wise and Wonderful

Landscapes: Welcome


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European Entry
November owl
Limone Italy
Sunrise Mist
Window Garden
Oregon lighthouse
Happy Hour in Venice
Window Rock
Canyon Reflections
Blarney Castle
Long Shadows
Scotish Church
Approaching Storm
Spring Reflections
Take a hike
Spring Path
Welcome Shade
Berea Bridge
Sunset at the Farm
Boats in Waiting
Storm Approach
Star Sunset
Color of Rocks
Take a Seat
Ocean Spray
Quiet Winter Eve
Ohio Covered Bridge
Waiting for Spring
Brushy Creek View
Mountain Snowstorm
Evening in Venice
Lighthouse Guard
Canyon Reflections
Star Chapel
Fall Walk
Spring reflections.jpg
2021-a close look at a railroad tie_.png
2021-rock garden_.png
2021-afternoon shadows_.png
2021-approaching storm_.png
2021-lake break_.png
2021-cleveland fountain of eternal life_.png
2021-mountain splendor_.png
2021-oregon beach_.png
2021-mountain stream_.jpg
2021-oregon haystack_.png
2021-time is flying by_.png
2021-st matthew's tree_.png
2021-take a moment_.png
2022-the clearing_.png
2021-want to stop__.png
2021-winter shadows_.png
Landscapes: Gallery
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